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<p class="intro"> We’re looking for developers who like to solve difficult problems. Try at least one challenge to unlock the contact form.* </p>


<!-- choose a challenge -->

<div class="challenge-descriptions">

<p> Rock, Paper, Scissors: This challenge is simple—we’ll play you for it. </p>

<p> Hello, Android: There’s more than what meets the eye. </p>

<p> Aisle Maze: See if you can make this a quick trip to the store. </p>

<p> Data Dive: Dig deep into some data—bring your best pivot, join, and query skills to the table. </p>

<p> The Scrambler: Secode, darse, pilter, and fort. </p>

<p> iOS Master: Another day, another acronym...or is it? </p>

<p> Hacked: We've noticed some suspicious behavior on one of our web-hosts—check it out. </p>


<p><em> *Results of participation in these challenges will not be used to determine whether someone from Target contacts you to discuss potential employment opportunities. </em></p>

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